brutally [adv] cruelly, without remorse atrociously, barbarically, barbarously, brutishly, callously, demoniacally, diabolically, ferally, ferociously, fiercely, hardheartedly, heartlessly, in cold blood, inexorably, inhumanely, inhumanly, meanly, mercilessly, murderously, pitilessly, relentlessly, remorselessly, ruthlessly, savagely, something fierce, something terrible, unkindly, unrelentingly, viciously; concept 544 —Ant. gently, humanely, kindly, nicely

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  • Brutally — Bru tal*ly, adv. In a brutal manner; cruelly. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • brutally — brutal ► ADJECTIVE 1) savagely violent. 2) without any attempt to disguise unpleasantness. DERIVATIVES brutality noun brutally adverb …   English terms dictionary

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  • brutally — adv. cruelly, savagely …   English contemporary dictionary

  • brutally — bru·tal·ly …   English syllables

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